The Odyssey Ark 55-inch monitor is a complete gaming package

The monitor runs on Samsung’s Tizen OS and comes with a Gaming Hub feature preinstalled

Samsung’s gigantic 55-inch CES-revealed Odyssey Ark is a gaming powerhouse, more so because of its cloud gaming capabilities.

The 165Hz miniLED curved monitor features a 16:9 display and can be used horizontally and vertically thanks to its specially designed stand. It also includes new multi-view adaptable screen functionality that shifts the screen size to the content you’re consuming, like a movie or video game.

While most already know about the monitor’s specs, what is less known is that the monitor runs on Samsung’s Tizen OS and comes with a Gaming Hub feature preinstalled, as shared by 9to5Google.

The Gaming Hub gives the monitor internal access to Twitch, YouTube, Netflix and Disney+ integration, alongside support for cloud game streaming services like Google Stadia, Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna and Nvidia GeForce Now, making gaming possible without connecting the monitor to a console or a PC.

The Verge got a chance to test out a prototype unit this week, and the publication said the following:

“The Ark seems like a known quantity on its face, but there’s something about it that feels unique. It packs impressive gaming monitor specs into a design that is, by all accounts aside from the stand, an old-school curved TV. Given that it packs in some smart features, like cloud game streaming and smart TV apps, the Ark could be a great fit for someone who wants to go all-out.” 

Samsung has started taking pre-orders for the 55-inch Odyssey Ark in the United States for $3,499.99 (roughly $4,531 CAD). There has been no word about if and when the monitor will make its way to Canada.

Image credit: Samsung

Source: 9to5Google