Rogers, Fido win-back offers include $45/mo 25GB plan and bill credits

There's also a $35/mo 12GB plan on offer as well for those lucky enough to get a win-back call

Toronto-based national telecom Rogers is apparently offering a steal of a deal to former customers in an effort to win them back.

These so-called ‘win-back’ deals were explained by RedFlagDeals (RFD) user ‘mango100’ in a recent post (spotted by iPhone In Canada). According to the RFD post, mango100 received a call back from Rogers after moving their entire family to Virgin Mobile last year. The Rogers rep offered a $35/mo plan with 12GB of data or a $45/mo plan with 25GB of data. Additionally, the offer included a $100 bill credit for each line, regardless of the plan. Finally, while the offer is no-contract, the discounted plans would expire after 24 months.

Interestingly, one commenter linked to another RFD post from user ‘rback085’ who highlighted a similar win-back offer from Rogers’ flanker brand Fido: a $45/25GB plan with a $300 bill credit per line.

Overall, the win-back offer seems pretty good, if you can get it. In my experience, win-back offers like this often carry a large ‘your mileage may vary’ warning. Plus, those hoping they might get a sweet deal after ditching Rogers following the July 8th outage may want to reconsider — mango100 only got the win-back offer a year after leaving Rogers. From my experience with win-back offers, it can take a while for them to be available after you switch. Plus, special offers can change often and it can be hard to get them — this isn’t a deal on Rogers’ website that just anyone can claim.

Still, we’ve seen $45/25GB win-back offers before. Rogers and Fido have previously offered these win-back plans, and other carriers have too.

To put in perspective how good this offer is, Rogers’ in-market 25GB plan starts at $85/mo ($90 if you don’t sign up for automatic payments) for the majority of Canadians. That’s $40/mo in savings — over 24 months, it’d total up to $960. If you can get a win-back call from Rogers with this deal, I’d say it’s worth getting (just make sure you don’t have Rogers home internet too).

Source: RFD Via: iPhone In Canada