Virgin Plus is offering some users a $45/20GB BYOD deal

Some people have had luck getting the deal and others... not so much

Virgin Plus logo on an iPhone

Virgin Plus is reportedly offering a $45/20GB bring your own device (BYOD) plan with Unlimited Calls/Texts within Canada and 1,000 long-distance minutes, as shared by RedFlagDeals users ‘finpro’ and ‘Thatdealguy’ (first spotted by iPhone in Canada).

The plan, which isn’t advertised on the carrier’s website, is only available to new customers and offers $50 in return credits with the second or third bill, according to the ‘Thatdealguy’ thread.

To get the plan, you need to head to the Virgin Plus website and initiate a chat with a customer service representative, as suggested by ‘finpro,’ and simply ask for the $45/20GB plan.

The closest plan Virgin Plus has to the $45/20GB one on its website is a $60/20GB plan.

RedFlagDeals users have mixed reviews about the offer, with some being able to claim the promotion in the first go, some having to try multiple times, and some not being able to claim the promotion. “I just got this deal through live chat, they ship you the sim and complete the porting process after you’ve received the sim (3-5 business days),” said ‘cristoz,’ whereas ‘fordmaple’ said “I tried chat twice….no go.”

Undoubtedly, your mileage may vary with the promotion, but there’s no harm in trying if you’re looking for a new plan.

Source: RedFlagDeals users ‘finpro’ and ‘Thatdealguy