House of the Dragon premiere crashes Crave

The anticipated TV show seems to only be streaming for some users

House of Dragon

Just as HBO’s House of the Dragon hit Bell’s Crave streaming service at 9pm ET/6pm PT on August 21st, reports emerged that in some cases, the streaming platform won’t launch or stream.

Tweets from several Twitter users highlight various issues tied to the streaming service not launching, the episode not playing and Crave repeatedly crashing. In some instances, the House of the Dragon episode doesn’t appear on the service at all. DownDetector indicates a spike in reports surrounding issues with Crave at roughly 9pm ET.

Read a selection of tweets from frustrated Crave users below:

It’s unclear how many users are affected or what Crave apps are experiencing issues.

For example, House of the Dragon seems to be playing on Crave’s iOS and Apple TV app (I’m currently watching the episode while writing this story). In a statement, Bell said the following regarding Crave’s issues:

“House of the Dragon was successfully viewed by many Crave subscribers yesterday evening, however, we are aware a portion of users experienced technical difficulties with the Crave app. Those issues are now resolved. Our team is continuing to actively monitor to ensure Crave subscribers can continue to enjoy future episodes of House of the Dragon.”

In the United States, the premiere of House of the Dragon also caused difficulties for those trying to watch the TV show through HBO Max.

House of the Dragon is set two hundred years before Game of Thrones and follows the beginning of the end of House Targaryen.

Have you been able to get House of the Dragon to stream through Crave? Let us know in the comments below.

Update 22/08/2022 3:04pm ET: Bell’s statement regarding Crave’s issue has been added to the story.

Image credit: HBO