Apple now offering tools to self-repair Macs with M1 chips

Unsurprisingly, the program isn't available in Canada at this time

Apple customers in the United States can now purchase parts and tools to repair their MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks with M1 chips at home.

Users can access several parts in the Self Service Repair Store, including display, trackpad and top case with battery.

In a news release, Apple says each part it sells is genuine and receives testing to ensure quality, safety and reliability. The company says it will accept used parts to be refurbished and recycled, and in most cases, offer customer credits to be used towards their purchase.

Apple is also renting out tool kits for $49 for those who don’t want to purchase their own set of Apple tools. The company says the tools “help provide the best repairs.” The company will ship the kit out for one week.

Apple’s self-repair program initially launched in November 2021 and focused on the iPhone 12 and 13. Apple says it will add more Mac models to the program this year.

While the program isn’t available in Canada at this time, that will likely change down the road. Apple says it will expand the repair program to other countries, beginning in Europe. However, the company didn’t provide any timelines.

Source: Apple