Android Auto 8 is out, but it is missing the Coolwalk redesign

The upcoming design refresh is reportedly inspired by Apple's modern CarPlay interface

Android Auto users have long been waiting for Google’s planned Android Auto redesign, codenamed “Coolwalk,” to hit cars. At its I/O event, Google said the refreshed UI software will land sometime “this summer,” but it never did. Naturally, the current Android 8.0 update was what users had planned would transition their vehicle’s infotainment system to a brand new UI. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

As reported by 9to5Google, Google is starting to roll out Android Auto 8.0, but the redesigned UI is nowhere to be seen.

The upcoming interface, which is reportedly inspired by Apple’s modern CarPlay interface, is expected to feature an updated multi-card interface, with maps, weather info, and playback controls all easily accessible simultaneously, making multitasking seamless. Furthermore, according to 9to5Google, the upcoming update will make the software better adapt to different screen sizes and shapes.

The publication also suggests that Google is actively working on the Android Auto redesign, so it could still be a while until the refreshed version lands in your vehicle. Google itself hasn’t provided any update about the roll-out of Android Auto’s refreshed UI.

It could also be that the refreshed UI is a server-side update, and could be turned on in the coming days, but as of right now, that possibility seems bleak.

Source: 9to5Google