iOS 16.1 to allow users to delete Wallet app amid antitrust concerns

As concerns over Apple Pay persist, users may soon have the option to delete the Wallet app

iOS 16.1 is expected to finally allow users to delete the Wallet app from their device. Apple Pay has been a constant on the iPhone for many years, installed by default. However, antitrust concerns continue to surface with many criticizing Apple over the app’s dominance.

Currently, any new iPhone comes with the Wallet app installed alongside News, Podcasts, and other first-party apps. This week, iOS beta 7 and iPadOS 16.1 beta 1 were both released to developers. Thanks to code found within the latest iOS beta 7, it appears as though the Wallet app will become deletable thanks to iOS 16.1.

Since its inception, Wallet enabled people to use the NFC feature of the iPhone to make credit card and debit payments. Additionally, tickets, passes, and other keys can be added to the Wallet app and used via Apple Pay or QR scanning.

Apple’s Wallet app has become quite divisive for some users and many governing bodies. The company restricts the use of other NFC-enabled apps. Therefore, priority is placed on the use of the Wallet app and Apple Pay. The European Union has criticized Apple for this restriction. Likewise, Hagen Berman has filed a lawsuit against the company for forcing banks to utilize Apple Pay in order to service iPhone users.

In Canada, Apple Pay and, subsequently, the Wallet app are expanding to support new services. Most recently, Apple Pay payments were enabled on Go Transit. Additionally, the Canada Post iOS app received Apple Pay support.

According to research firm Bernstein, Apple Pay is growing in popularity, so much so that the firm expects 10 percent of all card transactions to stem from Apple Pay by 2025.

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Source: 9to5Mac