Make the custom iPhone you’ve always wanted thanks to this new website

This new site allows you to create an iPhone with new ports, colours, and accessories

If you’re bored of the current design of Apple’s iPhone, there’s a new website that may change that. Developer Neal Agarwal has launched a new website dedicated to designing your own custom iPhone.

While the website is made purely in jest, it allows users to create the iPhone they want or make an absolute catastrophe. Either way, you’re given a barebones iPhone 13 Pro. With nothing but a screen and a metallic chassis, you’re able to add all the bells and whistles you desire.

Agarwal includes a laundry list of customization options. You can select from a Pro camera, volume buttons, Notch, Lightning port, and Apple logo. The options continue and go off the rails with the Android or Pear Logo, iPod click wheel, HDMI port, and even Pro wheels.

I’ve especially enjoyed the colour options Agarwal includes. Many accessories include colour variations that Apple doesn’t offer. It makes for some interesting design choices.

What makes the website especially fun is how it doesn’t take itself seriously. All options can be dragged and dropped onto the iPhone 13 body. It doesn’t even need to make sense. Want googly eyes on the display? Go for it. A Pro handle on top for easy lifting? Ok. Agarwal’s site is purely made to design and share.

Although the possibilities are endless, it is a fun exercise to see what’s possible. It’s doubtful the iPhone 14 will end up looking like most creations. However, it is interesting to see what an iPhone looks like without a notch. That said, we won’t know for sure until Apple shares more details on the iPhone 14 with a reported event happening on September 7th.

Image credit: Neal.Fun

Source: 9to5Mac