Another Fitbit device passes through FCC, could be a new tracker

The tracker could be a new Charge or Luxe with NFC, possibly for payments

Fitbit just announced three new devices, but there could be more on the way. According to FCC details uncovered by 9to5Google, a new Fitbit tracker (possibly a Charge 6 or Luxe 2) could arrive soon with Bluetooth and NFC.

9to5 was able to obtain an ‘e-label’ filed with the FCC on August 25th, which happened to be exactly one year after Fitbit announced the Charge 5. Moreover, the e-label is for a Fitbit with the model number ‘FB423’ — the Charge 5 was FB421. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the e-label is for the Charge 6, as Fitbit’s new Inspire 3 tracker sports model number FB424.

On top of that, 9to5Google points to its recent report about Google Wallet coming to Fitbit devices. In the report, the publication spotted a reference to a ‘Charge 6’ with Bluetooth and NFC — the FCC filing seems to line up with that.

While things generally seem to line up with the FB423 device being the Charge 6, it’s possible it could be a successor to the company’s Luxe tracker. With the Inspire 3 getting a colour screen, there’s less to differentiate the Luxe from the Inspire line — support for NFC payments could do that.

As for when this mystery device will launch, well, that’s unclear. 9to5 suggests it could launch later this year since the Fb423 device wasn’t included in the recently unveiled fall lineup. However, Fitbit would likely want the device out ahead of the holiday season. With the timing for that being a little tight, it might make more sense for an early 2023 launch (plus, that would avoid a new Charge 6 or Luxe 2 tracking cannibalizing holiday sales for the current versions of both trackers).

Source: FTC Via: 9to5Google