Nvidia prepping launch of next-gen GPU architecture in September

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang plans to unveil the new architecture's specs, capabilities and upgrades at the GTC event

Santa Clara, California-based Nvidia is preparing to share more information about the successor of its current Ampere GPU architecture. The next-gen GPU architecture, codenamed Lovelace, will be detailed at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2022 event in September, as shared by The Verge.

The same was hinted at by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang during a recent earnings call. “We’ll get through this over the next few months and go into next year with our new architecture,” said Huang, during the call. “I look forward to telling you more about it at GTC next month.”

Revealing the new architecture doesn’t necessarily mean that Nvidia’s next-gen RTX 40-line of GPU’s will start magically dropping from the sky, and it’ll likely be a while before the first RTX 4080 or 4090 GPU comes out, expected in late 2022. However, it is expected that Huang would shed more light on the new architecture’s specs, capabilities and upgrades over Ampere.

“I look forward to next month’s GTC conference, where we will share new advances of RTX reinventing 3D graphics and gaming,” said Huang during the earnings call.

It’s also worth noting that the RTX 4090 was first rumoured to release last month in July, and was supposed to be available on shelves alongside the RTX 3080 and 3090, though it appears we’ll have to wait until later this year to get our hands on the updated GPU. There are currently no leaks or rumours about the RTX 40 line’s pricing, though we can expect the GPUs to cost around the ballpark of the RTX 30 line’s release cost.

The upcoming GPU’s are expected to use a 5nm production process and feature ray tracing, along with being more power intensive.

Nvidia’s GTC event is taking place on September 20th at 11am ET. You can register to attend the event virtually here.

Source: The Verge