Starlink reduces service cost in multiple nations, seemingly not in Canada

The Canadian Starlink website still mentions the same $140/month and $759 pricing for the service and hardware, respectively

Back in March, we reported that Starlink increased the cost of its hardware equipment and satellite internet service in Canada. The hardware went up from $699 for the Starlink kit to $759, whereas the service cost was also hiked by $11 per month, from $129 to $140.

Now, users in other countries reportedly received emails from Starlink regarding a reduction in its service cost, while Canadians seem stuck paying the increased price tag.

As shared by a Nevada resident and Reddit user ‘ChadR0809,’ Starlink’s email says, “Effective 8/24/2022, Starlink is reducing your monthly service fee to USD $85. The price reduction factors in your local market conditions and is meant to reflect parity in purchasing power across our customers. No action is needed from you, the price reduction will be automatically reflected on invoices generated after 8/24/2022. Thank you for being an early customer and for your continued support of Starlink!”

In the thread, in addition to the United States, users from the U.K., Germany, Mexico, Chile, France, Romania, Lithuania, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Greece, Austria, and other nations, primarily European, reported receiving the email about the price reduction. Canadian users, on the other hand, have been left out of the equation.

The Canadian Starlink website still mentions the same $140/month and $759 pricing for the service and hardware, respectively. None of the Canadian users on the Reddit thread have reported receiving the email, and scouring the internet for accounts of Canadians receiving the email shows no results either.

It is a little confusing to see Starlink reducing the service cost in multiple nations while the cost of other services is going up due to sticky inflation. It is likely that Starlink wants to attract users with cheaper costs and hopes that demand for the service exceeds supply.

If you’re a Canadian Starlink customer and have received an email regarding a reduction in service cost, let us know in the comments below.

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