Spot the AI dog assisting with mine safety inspections in BC

Spot has held various other roles in the past, including guarding the ruins of Pompeii

Is there anything Boston Dynamics’ robo-dog can’t do?

Spot, an AI robot that stands on four “limbs” and weighs as much as a Labrador retriever, has worked with a construction team in Toronto, helped COVID-19 patients, and guarded the ruins of Pompeii.

Now, Spot is supporting Teck’s mining operations in Elk Valley, B.C., through safety inspections and data collection.

The four-legged sensor device works through areas that are unsafe for most to access. Spot’s work with Teck will allow the company to computerize its inspections and frequently collect safe and accurate data.

Users can add various tools to Spot, including a robotic arm that can open a round door handle, a high-resolution camera, and more.

Image credit: Teck

Source: Teck