Bell asks CRTC to rescind ruling on Vidéotron’s use of its roaming service

Bell says the Commission's decision has 10 separate errors

Bell has asked the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to reverse a May decision regarding Vidéotron’s use of Bell’s wholesale roaming service.

Bell first filed a complaint with the CRTC in May 2021, stating Vidéotron employed a roaming usage threshold, allowing some of its customers to roam permanently on Bell’s network. The telecom giant said Vidéotron breached its Access Services Tariff and the Commission’s Telecom Decision CRTC 2020-483.

Bell also argued that Vidéotron didn’t apply its current Vidéotron test (CVT) regarding its users’ roaming.

In a recently released letter dated May 25th, the CRTC said the two parties should “engage in good-faith negotiations.”

“The Commission also reiterates its expectation that the parties regularly exchange information, discuss matters thoroughly and exhaust all appropriate methods available to them in order to resolve disputes, before submitting applications to the Commission.”

Vidéotron also denied the allegations, stating it addressed issues pertaining to the CVT, which was the result of technical issues or human error.

However, in its recent filing, Bell states the CRTC’s decision contained 10 separate errors, and asks the Commission to rescind its decision.

“There is substantial doubt about the correctness of the decision,” Bell states.

Source: CRTC