Cineplex offering Tuesday pricing on all tickets from Aug 29 to Sept 1

In an effort to get moviegoers into the theatre this week, Cineplex offering a discount on all tickets

Cineplex building

This week, Cineplex is offering Tuesday pricing on all movie tickets from August 29th until September 1st. The promotion is available now and applies to regular tickets, AVX screenings as well as IMAX.

Moviegoers can now check out the Cineplex website for local screenings and will be able to see the applicable ticket prices as part of the promotion. When purchasing tickets, users can note the “CPX Tuesday” offering. This lists the applicable Tuesday promotional prices.

For instance, a regular screening of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is now available for $7.43. IMAX screenings, on the other hand, cost $13.01 per ticket.

Of course, Cineplex is still charging its recently implemented online booking fee. However, the fee is reduced slightly. As part of its Tuesday pricing, the $1.50/ticket fee is now $1.00. Since Cineplex announced its new booking fee, it has been met with a lot of criticism. The fee is said to have been implemented in order to “further invest and evolve our digital infrastructure,” according to the company.

Incidentally, this promotional lands on a week when there are no major releases. Current box office standouts include Top Gun: Maverick, which continues its long theatrical run. The aforementioned Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is in theatres as is Three Thousand Years of Longing, starring Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba. However, there are no major blockbuster releases in sight during this promotion.

You can check out the full list of films available locally at a theatre near you on the Cineplex website if you’re craving a trip to the theatres this week.

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Source: @CineplexMovies