Twitter rolling out its Circle feature to all users following months of testing

Twitter Circle enables users to tweet to a group of up to 150 people

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Twitter is now rolling out its circle feature to all users. Following months of testing across a “small group” of iOS, Android, and web users, more people can now take advantage of the feature.

Twitter Circles enables users to select up to 150 other users who can see and interact with a Tweet. It allows users to have more control and flexibility on who they engage with on a Tweet-by-Tweet basis.

As part of the announcement, Twitter states that circles were met with “overwhelmingly positive” responses. Now global users across iOS, Android, and the web can now start engaging with the circle feature.

As the feature is now active, users can select whether to share a Tweet with their full list of followers or their circle. If selecting the circle, users can choose up to 150 other people to share with. The selection can always be amended and adjusted on the fly. Plus, Twitter confirms that users will not be notified if they are added or removed from a Circle.

Tweets sent to a circle appear with a green badge indicating the status. These tweets are not able to be shared or Retweeted. Plus, all replies are private, ensuring they stay within your circle.

As part of Twitter’s testing phase, which started in May, the company states it saw an increase in overall Tweeting. Additionally, Tweet engagement rate on circles also increased.