Belkin goes GaN, launches new 45W and 65W USB-C chargers

Accessory makers are going GaN for more efficient charging

Belkin rolled out two new fast chargers featuring gallium nitride (GaN), the fancy new charging tech you’ve likely heard so much about.

The new Boost Charge Pro Dual USB-C chargers come in 45W and 65W options. The 45W Boost Charge Pro can output all 45W from either of the two USB-C ports, or split 25W and 20W simultaneously from the top and bottom ports, respectively. The 65W variant is the same but with a 45W and 20W split.

GaN seems to be the go-to tech for chargers these days. For those not familiar with the term GaN actually refers to the semiconductor material used in the chargers that’s much more efficient than the silicon-based material typically used in chargers. That means GaN chargers are capable of pumping out more power from a smaller-sized brick, all while generating less heat. GaN chargers are also better for the environment since heat is effectively wasted power — less heat, less waste.

Belkin’s new chargers also feature Programmable Power Supply (PPS) tech. Belkin says that PPS allows chargers to modify voltage and current in real time based on the device’s charging status. In practice, this means less heat generation, which should extend the battery lifespan of the device you’re charging.

If this all sounds great and you want to buy one of these chargers, the good news is that you can. The bad news is it might cost you more than you’d think, especially if you’re shopping in Canada.

Going GaN in Canada

Despite listing Canada as a region on its website, Belkin doesn’t actually seem to have a Canadian site (trying to switch your region to Canada puts you back on the U.S. site). That said, you can still order products to Canada, if you’re willing to pay USD and shipping fees (the website listed standard shipping to my place in Whitby as $16.50, presumably USD). We’ve broken down the costs below:

At the time of writing, I couldn’t find the charger at Canadian retailers like Amazon or Best Buy, although I’m sure that will change soon.

An interesting consideration with Belkin joining the ever-growing ranks of GaN fast chargers is that Apple reportedly plans to launch 30W fast charging capabilities with the iPhone 14 series. Moreover, some suggested Apple might also launch its own GaN charger and switch to a USB-C to Lightning connector.

If true, it’d make a lot of sense for accessory makers like Belkin to start pushing out GaN chargers ahead of the iPhone launch in hopes that customers buying the new iPhone also scoop up a new charging brick to take advantage of faster charging speeds.

Image credit: Belkin