Disney to launch card game competitor to Magic: The Gathering

The TCG will be called Lorcana and more information will be revealed during D23

Disney Lorcana card game

Disney has theme parks, films and even its own streaming service, but the company is now looking to get into the trading card game  (TCG) territory.

The media giant has partnered with Ravensburger, a German game and toy company that’s been around since 1883, but facing the likes of Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon will still be difficult for the American entertainment giant.

The TCG will be called Disney Lorcana, which is expected to launch its first sets in the latter half of 2023, according to Polygon. The game will reportedly be accessible for newcomers but still offers thoughtful gameplay.

The game will have several elemental colours and takes place in ‘the Great Illuminary,’ where all the Disney songs and stories are stored. The player will be sorcerers called “Illumineers” that can mismatch characters across franchises, some of which will be revealed during the D23 Expo. However, we likely won’t encounter characters from Disney’s properties like Marvel and Star Wars, with the game instead focusing on The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

Both companies have big hopes for the project. Ravensburger North America CEO and global head of games Filip Francke says this is “the result of the powerful alchemy of Disney magic, Ravensburger game excellence, and several years of dedicated work and investment. This potent combination has poised Disney Lorcana to be a game-changer in the billion-dollar-plus trading card game market.”

Ravensburger has previously worked with Disney to create the pretty cool board game Villainous. More about the game will be revealed during D23 from September 9th to 11th.

Source: @RavensburgerNA Via: Polygon