Disney confirms it’s exploring an Amazon-esque ‘Prime’ membership program

The membership would offer various perks and discounts across Disney's entire portfolio

Mickey and Minnie at Disney World

Disney has confirmed a Wall Street Journal report that it is exploring an Amazon Prime-esque membership program.

According to the WSJ, this program would offer exclusive perks and discounts across Disney’s entire portfolio. It’s reportedly being referred to interally as “Disney Prime,” a nod to it being similar in concept to Amazon’s Prime membership.

While Disney didn’t reveal any specifics, it did confirm that it’s looking into reaching more consumers through such a program, stating that Disney is “more than a brand,” it’s a “lifestyle” to them.

“A membership program is just one of the exciting ideas that is being explored as we consider ways to marry the physical and digital worlds to create the next generation of great Disney storytelling and experiences,” the company told the WSJ.

Given how much Disney owns, it’s easy to see how such a program could apply to everything from theme parks and Disney+ subscriptions to movie theatres and cruises. Currently, Disney does offer annual memberships to its D23 fan club, which costs $99.99 USD (about $131 CAD) per year and offers exclusive membership, a D23 magazine subscription and discounted tickets to the company’s big biannual D23 Expo. That said, this is intended for hardcore Disney fans, while the WSJ says Disney Prime would target casual consumers.

It’s unclear if and when Disney Prime would release. For now, though, Disney is set to hold its next D23 event from September 9th to 11th, where it’s set to make announcements related to Marvel and Star Wars, among other reveals. September 8th also marks the second-annual Disney+ Day, at which time a variety of titles will hit the streaming service.

Image credit: Disney

Source: The Wall Street Journal