LG reveals MoodUp fridge with LED door panels ahead of IFA 2022

LG’s MoodUp is everything I want from a kitchen appliance

LG is no stranger to developing and testing unique appliances and tech. The same company that’s introduced us to its rollable TV is unveiling its MoodUp LED fridge.

As IFA 2022 is kicking off in Berlin this coming week, LG is highlighting its new MoodUp LED fridge, capable of rendering up to 22 colours and a variety of presets. It’s a visual treat for anyone looking to boast an out-of-the-ordinary appliance within a kitchen. Rather than your traditional stainless steel, MoodUp offers an upper door panel and a lower panel featuring full LED lighting.

The LG MoodUp’s top panel features up to 22 customizable colour options while the lower panel is limited to 19. Users are able to customize the colours either by tapping the door itself or by using LG’s ThinQ app. Additionally, MoodUp offers a series of preset colour themes such as ‘Season,’ ‘Mood,’ ‘Pop’ and ‘Place.’

Though don’t worry, MoodUp doesn’t always render bright blue or yellow lighting. When the LED panels are turned off, it features a more standard gray and white colour combination.

On top of offering beaming light options, MoodUp’s LED panels blink to indicate if the door is left open too long. Additionally, the fridge flashes to welcome an approaching person. To assist in the dark, the lower panel is illuminated to help with navigation and as LG accurately says, “to help midnight snackers find and open the door.”

Additional features include a Bluetooth speaker in the event you want to connect your phone and stream music while you cook. Plus, MoodUp can match colour themes to songs played via LG’s Music Collection playlist. Also, the fridge offers voice recognition support and Wi-Fi.

LG looks to support two models of MoodUp. One appears to be a wider, four-door variation, while the other is a single-door with two freezer units. Aside from the above, LG has not released any information on when we may expect to see this in homes or how much MoodUp may cost.

Image credit: LG

Source Engadget