OnePlus confirms Canadian 5G support for the 10T

This doesn't mean that the carriers will sell the phone, unfortunately

The OnePlus 10T, the latest smartphone from OnePlus, now officially works on four networks in Canada.

Bell and Telus subscribers can use the device on 5G and LTE, while Rogers and Freedom only support 4G LTE on the new phone.

Official carrier support rarely comes to OnePlus smartphones in Canada. However, the company added an enhanced antenna design and modem in the 10T, giving it almost flagship-tier carrier support.

The 10T goes on sale for pre-order on September 1st in two storage variants: 8/128GB for $849 and 16/256GB for $999. For the first week of pre-orders, the company will be selling the 16GB ram model for the same price as the 8GB model and will include a free 80-watt  car charger.

Open sales will begin on September 29th. You can read our review of the phone here.