Tallcree Tribal Government to give residents wireless connectivity for the first time

The government is partnering with the CRTC and Telus on the project

Residents of Tallcree First Nation, located in Northern Alberta, will soon have wireless access for the first time.

The Tallcree Tribal Government is partnering with Telus and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to make the project happen.

The proposal will connect 300 households once completed by late 2024 and will benefit two communities along the Highway 88 corridor near Fort Vermilion, Alberta. The communities are home to roughly 500 people.

In a press release, Telus notes the connectivity will allow small businesses to compete globally, enable families to connect with loved ones and provide a lifeline in an emergency.

“This project opens up greater opportunity for our members in these communities. It brings the world to our doorstep and allows our communities to broaden their networks,” Chief Rupert Meneen of Tallcree Tribal Government said.

“This project will provide the opportunities to our people that other communities have closer to larger centres and the Chief and Council encourage our communities to take full advantage of the services.”

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Telus