Apple Watch helps save U.K. man’s life after his heart stops 138 times

The wearable's ECG feature notified David Last that he was suffering from a third-degree heart block

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple’s smartwatch has yet again played a pivotal role in saving someone’s life.

As first reported by The Independent (via Apple Insider), David Last from Norfolk, England, was given a low heart rate warning of 30 beats per minute nearly 3,000 times via his Apple Watch’s electrocardiogram (ECG) feature. For context, the average adult male’s heart typically rests at between 60 to 100bpm.

Last assumed that the wearable was defective, but his wife encouraged him to go see a doctor. Finally, after undergoing several tests where the results would take months to come back, Last underwent a 48-hour ECG test. The hospital immediately called Last back five times before they were able to reach him, indicating how dire the results were.

Last was suffering from a serious third-degree heart block. During that 48-hour ECG test, his heart stopped 138 times in 10-second intervals. Last was given a pacemaker via surgery in August and says he isn’t experiencing any “symptoms whatsoever.”

“If she hadn’t bought me my Apple watch for my birthday, I wouldn’t be here. I will always be eternally grateful to her for it. Apart from charging it, it’s always staying on me now,” Last told The Independent.

Apple is expected to reveal its new Apple Watch Pro, Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE at its upcoming September 7th fall hardware event.

Source: The Independent Via: Apple Insider