The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 to stream on Prime Video and Crave in Canada

The TV show seems to be part of a non-exclusive deal

The fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale will have two streaming homes this fall. At the time of publication, Crave and Prime Video both claim the TV show will land on their respective platforms on September 14th.

While the TV show is filmed in Canada, The Handmaid’s Tale streams as a Hulu Original in the United States. In theory, since Disney owns Hulu, most would assume that the TV show would end up streaming on Disney+ via Star now that the section is available in Canada. However, in Canada, Bell Media’s Crave has been the home of The Handmaid’s Tale for several years.

Other Hulu Originals have streamed on Prime Video in Canada, suggesting the service is either getting more aggressive when it licenses content or that it has a deal with Disney regarding the platform’s content streaming in Canada. If accurate, this would be one of the few instances where a popular TV show is available on two platforms at once. The Handmaid’s Tale will also air on CTV.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Bell and Amazon Prime Video for more information. Bell has stated that The Handmaid’s Tale will stream on Crave with back-to-back episodes on September 14th. The Handmaid’s Tale seasons 1-4 are also available on Crave, according to a Bell spokesperson.

Prime Video has yet to offer MobileSyrup more information.

A synopsis for the fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale is as follows:

June faces consequences for killing Commander Waterford while struggling to redefine her identity and purpose. The widowed Serena attempts to raise her profile in Toronto as Gilead’s influence creeps into Canada. Commander Lawrence works with Nick and Aunt Lydia as he tries to reform Gilead and rise in power. June, Luke and Moira fight Gilead from a distance as they continue their mission to save and reunite with Hannah.”