Halo Infinite fans discover workaround to play splitscreen co-op

343 Industries’ scrapped feature may not entirely be dead

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries recently announced that the beleaguered game’s planned split-screen co-op will not be released. However, a fan has discovered a relatively easy workaround to access the feature.

Twitter user @Zeny_IC released a video demonstrating how any player can enable splitscreen co-op in Halo Infinite. Using a relatively straightforward menu glitch, players are able to jump into a local co-op session with a friend.

The creator claims they have not experienced crashes during cutscenes or any issues with AI. Other players on Reddit were also able to confirm that the exploit works. Additionally, players have been able to manipulate the glitch to get a full party of four into a single campaign coop session.

As of right now, the menu glitch appears to only work on Xbox Series X/S consoles. Unfortunately, PC players aren’t able to take advantage of this as of now. Halo fan Twitter account @HaloCreation has also posted an online tutorial.

In order to jump in, you must select and load a campaign save file. As it loads, you must take the controller’s View Button to bring up the ‘Social’ menu and navigate to the ‘Friends’ tab. From here, you must have an online friend idling in the game’s menu. You then select to join their Fireteam, and once you have, you need to select to leave. From there, you are required to select the ‘Server’ setting and set the server to ‘Local Offline.’ Finally, you need to connect additional controllers and assign profiles to them before selecting ‘Play.’

Unfortunately, seeing as though this is an unofficial workaround, we don’t expect the glitch to last forever. A future patch will likely iron this glitch out. With that in mind, it’s best to take advantage of it while it lasts.

While 343 Industries have scrapped Halo Infinite’s split-screen co-op, the studio is still determined to launch online campaign co-op in the near future. As part of its Winer Update, marked between November 8th and March 7th, 2023, online co-op will officially release. The feature is being tested in a beta.

Image credit: 343 Industries

Source: @Zeny_IC, @HaloCreation Via: TechRadar