Apple adds battery life to all Apple Watches with Low Power mode

This can push the Apple Watches' battery to 36 hours

Apple has a new update that allows Apple Watch users to set the watch into a low-power state to preserve battery. Apple says this feature can push the new Apple Watch Series all the way up to 36 hours of battery life.

The features is coming to Apple Watches as old as the Series 4, so it’s something that most Apple Watch owners should be able to use to extend the wearable’s battery when they need to go on overnight trips. Apple is rates the Apple Watch Series 8 for a standard 18 hours, which is the same as the Series 6 and Series 7, so ideally, lots of modern Apple Watches will get big improvements in watchOS 9 when it releases in the fall.

When low-power mode is turned on, it disables features like auto workout tracking and the always-on display. New features like Crash detection and temperature sensors still work.

Apple’s new Apple Watch Ultra can even use this feature to push its battery life to 60 hours when it arrives later this year.

Image credit: Apple