Apple says its product lineup is designed with the environment in mind

Apple says its product lineup will be carbon neutral by 2030

Apple says it’s one step closer to making its entire product lineup carbon neutral by 2030.

The company says the design for its AppleWatch Ultra, as well as its entire watch lineup, focuses on the environment. The products utilize recycled materials, as well as clean energy, during manufacturing.

The environment is also kept in mind with the Airpods Pro. The magnets use 100 percent recycled rare earth elements. The company has also reduced the plastic usually wrapped around the product.

Apple says its corporate operations have been carbon neutral since 2020. More than 200 of its suppliers have committed to using 100 percent renewable energy for products produced for the company.

In 2021, suppliers kept 250,000 metric tons of waste from going to landfills. Apple says trade-ins led millions of products to find new owners in 2021.

Image credit: Apple