Fitbit’s rumoured Charge 6 reportedly will look like the Charge 5

Absolutely shocked the Charge 6 won't change the new design introduced with the year-old Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5 on wrist

Fitbit unveiled several new devices late last month, but rumours continue to swirl about another new fitness tracker: the Charge 6. The latest? Fitbit’s rumoured Charge 6 will look like last year’s Charge 5.

The report hardly comes as a surprise. Fitbit tends to use the same design for its products, only shaking things up every few years. The Charge 5 brought a major refresh to the look of Fitbit’s Charge tracker line, so it makes sense that the Charge 6 will maintain it.

9to5Google detailed the Charge 6 design based on information from an unnamed source. According to that source, the Charge 6 will sport a predominately “curved glass surface with an aluminum body that has shiny strips on the left and right for ECG readings.”

Moreover, this suggests any major changes coming with the Charge 6 will be internal, likely just feature improvements. That leaves the question of what, exactly, Fitbit wants to improve or add over what was available in the Charge 5. 9to5 notes that a continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor would make sense, as that was a major upgrade added to the new Sense 2 watch.

Other options could include an altimeter for stair and floor tracking or GPS improvements.

Previous leaks about a Fitbit tracker that will likely be the Charge 6 indicate the company is working on integrating Google Wallet to support on-wrist payments. The Charge 6 (or possibly a refresh of the Luxe tracker) was spotted passing through the FCC, indicating it could launch soon, but it remains unclear when.

Fitbit announced the Charge 5 in August 2021, but Fitbit didn’t announce a Charge 6 in August 2022 with its fall line-up. Some speculated Fitbit could wait to launch the Charge 6 in the new year so it doesn’t cannibalize Charge 5 holiday sales, but it remains to be seen.

Source: 9to5Google