Apple’s new AirPods Pro features its new H2 chip and better battery life

The new design brings these buds in line with Google's new Pixel Buds 2 Pros

To fully refresh its wireless earbud lineup, Apple has revealed a new pair of AirPods Pro.

These new buds look similar to the previous model and still feature Apple’s best sound quality in a wireless bud. This includes active noise cancellation, Spatial Audio and more. This year Apple says the noise cancellation is twice as good as the older versions, and the sound quality has improved.

In terms of Spatial Audio, Apple has revamped it with a new personalized effect. This means users with an iPhone with Face ID can somehow use the 3D mapping function to get a more expertly tuned sound. It should be noted this feature will come to the third-gen AirPods as well.

The first major new function is the new H2 chip which allows for enhanced high-bandwidth connections. Combined with a new low-distortion audio driver, these earbuds should sound even more precise than before. There are also new microphones that should help your voice sound more natural when using the buds for calls.

To control your earbuds, Apple has added a new swipe panel that lets users swipe up or down on the buds to control volume.

There’s also longer battery life in these buds, which Apple is rating at six hours per charge and 30 hours with the charging case. The charging case has gained the ability to work with Apple Watch chargers, but sadly it still plugs in with the Lightning connector.

The new AirPods Pro include precision finding to help find your earbuds when they’re lost. This works exactly like an Apple AirTag and the AirPods from last year. To build on this, Apple added a small speaker to the case to play sounds when you lose them.

Another small addition is a lanyard loop so anyone can attach a strap to the buds’ case to make it earlier to tie to a bag or attach to your wrist. This is often added to wireless earbuds via a third-party case, so Apple appears to be taking a hint from that.

The new AirPods Pro cost $329 in Canada. They’ll be available for pre-order on September 9th and on store shelves on September 23rd.

Image credit: Apple