Steam’s ‘Games From Ontario’ sale discounts over 200 titles

Featuring games from nearly 100 studios

Games From Ontario Steam sale

Interactive Ontario and Ontario Creates have teamed up to organize a special Steam sale focused on games made in the province.

Appropriately titled “Games From Ontario,” the limited-time promotion offers discounts on more than 200 games from nearly 100 Ontario developers.

Some of the deals are:

The Big Con (Toronto’s Mighty Yell) — $6.99 (regularly $17.49)
Dawn of the Monsters (Toronto’s 13AM Games) — $23.79 (regularly $33.99)
Grindstone (Toronto’s Capybara Games) — $17.09 (regularly $22.79)
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Toronto’s DrinkBox) — $4.37 (regularly $17.49)
A Mortician’s Tale (Toronto’s Laundry Bear Games) — $4.59 (regularly $11.49)
Raptor Boyfriend (Toronto’s Rocket Adrift) — $4.64 (regularly $15.49)
Runbow (Toronto’s 13AM Games) — $3.39 (regularly $16.99)
Slender: The Arrival (Toronto’s Blue Isles) — $2.29 (regularly $11.49)
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (co-developed by Capybara and Quebec’s Superbrothers) — $2.19 (regularly $8.79)
Use Your Words (Toronto’s Smiling Buddha Games) — $5.94 (regularly $16.99)
The Vale: Shadow of the Crown (St. Catharines’ Falling Squirrel) — $11.39 (regularly $22.79)

There’s also a ‘Studio Spotlight’ on deals if you want a more specific breakdown of where each comes from. The full list of Games From Ontario offers can be found here. The sale runs from September 7th to September 14th at 1pm ET.

Image credit: Gavin McCarthy