Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 gets white variant, Design Lab options

The base white controller lacks some add-ons, such as paddles, extra thumbsticks or a carrying case

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core in white

Xbox has announced two updates to its high-end Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

The first is a new variant for the gamepad, ‘Core in white,’ which gives it a milky finish with black grips. Like the standard Series 2, this controller boasts adjustable-tension thumbsticks, a wrap-around rubberized grip and shorter hair trigger locks.

However, it doesn’t include some of the additional accoutrements found in the standard gamepad, such as paddles, extra thumbsticks or a carrying case. Therefore, the Core in white gamepad is priced at $159.99 CAD instead of $230 like the standard controller. A $74.99 ‘Complete Component Pack‘ that includes everything else that the Core in white controller is missing will also be available. Both will release on September 21st.

The second update, though, is likely more exciting for many: the Xbox Elite Series 2 is coming to Xbox Design Lab. This means that gamers will be able to customize their own Series 2 controller using a wide variety of colours, button styles, finishes, grips and engravings. The Elite Series 2 will be added to Design Lab this holiday.

In related news, PlayStation recently unveiled its first-ever official Elite-esque controller, the DualSense Edge.

Source: Xbox