Chatr $45/15GB student plan deal ends today

The offer bumps the $45/5GB plan up to 15GB for 12 months

Today is the last day to claim Chatr’s $45/15GB student plan offer. The student offer ends on September 8th — if you haven’t taken advantage, now might be the time.

Typically, the Rogers flanker brand offers 5GB of data on its $45/mo plan, but until September 8th, new activations can get a bonus of 10GB of data per month for 12 months with the plan. That brings the plan up to 15GB of data. Granted, the data is limited to 3G speeds, but it’s still a good chunk of data for a decent price (by Canadian standards).

The $45 plan also includes unlimited Canada-wide talk and unlimited Canada, U.S., and international text. Customers who get auto-pay will also get an extra 500MB for a grand total of 15.5GB of data per month.

It’s worth noting that if your account becomes inactive or if you change the plan, the data bonus will expire.

Chatr isn’t the only wireless provider offering student deals. Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus are still offering $60/20GB plans with discounts to make them $55/mo for 12 months. Public Mobile and Lucky Mobile also still have $55/mo 20GB plans.

You can view the Chatr deal here.