How to edit and unsend a message on iOS 16

Also a quick lesson on how to mark a thread as unread

iOS 16 is coming out officially on September 12th. I’ve been on the public beta since it was released last month, and I’m a big fan. I love changing the wallpapers and having them match with my ‘Focus.’ Additionally, the new iCloud Shared Photo Library is a nice touch. However, I’ve totally been waiting for all my friends to finally update to iOS 16 so I can use one of its best features: editing and deleting iMessages.

With iOS 16, the Messages app gets a few pretty cool updates that will work great when everyone switches to the update. Once you’ve updated, you’ll be able to delete an iMessage sent in error, edit typos and even mark conversation threads as unread.

The process for all three is easy.

Deleting or editing a message is pretty much done the same way. After you’ve typed a message, you tap and hold it, and a list of options will appear. You can then either choose to delete or edit that message.

It’s worth noting that if you try unsending a message to someone with an older version of iOS, nothing will happen. Further, if you edit a message to someone on an older version of iOS, they will see a message saying “Edited to.”

Now onto how to mark a thread as unread. The process is also pretty painless: head to the Messages app again and tap and hold on to a thread. You’ll then see an option to ‘Mark as Unread’ — tap this and it’s like you never opened it in the first place.

Obviously, neither feature works if you’re messaging on Android.

This isn’t the first we’ve ever seen a feature like this. Of course, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram have similar functionalities, but it’s great that you can do this now with iMessage.

iOS 16 comes out on September 12th, so be sure to download it or you’ll start seeing a lot of weird “Edited to” messages.