Sony has a new lighter PS5 model that uses less power

The new PS5 series is roughly 500g lighter than the original 2020-released PS5

Sony has a new design for the PS5 which reportedly makes the console a tad bit lighter. The updated console first started appearing in Australia in August, and now, as shared by The Verge, YouTuber Austin Evans has been able to get his hands on the lighter version of the system. During his time with it, Evans does a deep dive into the internals and how it’s different from the regular PS5 consoles available around the world.

It’s worth noting that the original PS5 that was released in 2020 was the 1,000 series. Then, in 2021, Sony released the 1,100 model for the PS5 that had a significantly smaller heatsink. Now, the latest version of the PS5, which is currently only available in Australia, is marked with the ‘1,200’ series, and is roughly 200g lighter than the 1,100 model, and 500g lighter than the original 1,000 series console. Coincidently, the 1,200 series PS5 started showing up in Australia around the same time when Sony increased the retail price of the PS5 in Canada.

After unboxing the new 1,200 series PS5, Evans immediately realizes that the heat pipe on the updated console is made of copper, the motherboard is smaller than the previous iterations, and the SSD enclosure looks different. Additionally, the fan on the new 1,200 series appears to be different, alongside a differently-shaped heatsink and an additional heat pipe on the rear.

The new design completely tucks away the CMOS battery (responsible for booting up your machine), which, according to Evans, means that you’ll now have to completely disassemble your PS5 if the need to replace the CMOS battery ever arose.

It is currently unclear whether the changes would make a significant difference while gaming, though the 1,200 series did appear to be less power hungry, pulling in 20-30W less power when compared to the 1,100 and 1,000 series models, so that might be beneficial.

Learn more about the minute changes to the 1,200 series on Evan’s YouTube page or via the video embedded above.

Image credit: Austin Evans

Source: Austin Evans Via: The Verge