Google widgets are coming to iOS 16’s lock screen

Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps and more are coming to Apple's OS update

It’s always great when tech giants play nice with one another.

Google recently published a blog post that outlines its new iOS 16 lock screen app widgets, making the company one of the first third-party app developers to adopt Apple’s new feature.

GIF of various Google Search Lock Screen widgets, including a rounded rectangular Search bar and four circular widgets for Voice, Lens, Translate via Lens, Shopping via Lens and Homework via Lens.

A Google Search widget that allows you to configure it to work with your voice, camera and translation is coming to the lock screen. Further, a Chrome lock screen widget lets users quickly access Google Chrome (or load up the famous Google dinosaur game).

Additionally, a Google Maps widget is coming, making it easier to find restaurants, shops and more, and a Google Drive widget is also on the way. Of course, there’s a Gmail widget that allows you to customize its inbox categories. And finally, Google is also releasing an iOS 16 Google News widget.

GIF of two rectangular Lock Screen widgets displaying trips to “Home” and “Google San Francisco”; four circular Lock Screen widgets for restaurants, shopping, coffee and hotels in Google Maps

Google says that these widgets will be available in the coming weeks. To install them, you need to download the Google app in question and then add the widget from iOS 16’s lock screen.

If you want to learn how to change your lock screen on iOS 16, check out our quick guide. iOS 16 is available now.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google