Amazon reveals next-gen Kindle with up to six weeks of battery life

The device is available to pre-order today for $129.99

Amazon has revealed its next-gen Kindle e-reader, which the tech giant says is the “lightest and smallest Kindle” yet.

Coming in at $129.99, the new Kindle features a 300ppi high-res 6-inch display, compared to the previous-gen Kindle’s 167ppi 6-inch display. It also features a more efficient battery that offers up to six weeks of battery life per charge (based on a half hour of reading per day), as compared to the last-gen Kindle’s four-week battery life, which in itself was more than enough for most people.

The new Kindle features USB-C charging paired with 16GB storage, which is double the storage of its predecessor. It also offers a glare-free display, alongside an adjustable front light that allows for a comfortable reading experience regardless of whether you are indoors in a dark room or outdoors under direct sunlight.

And while Amazon hasn’t revealed the new Kindle’s exact weight or dimensions, it did say that the device is the “lightest and most compact Kindle model available,” and that you can easily fit it in your pocket and comfortably use it with one hand.

The device is sourced and built with 90 percent recycled magnesium and is available to pre-order in Black or Denim colours starting today for $129.99.

Amazon’s new kindle will start shipping on October 12th.

Image credit: Amazon