Android YouTube Music bug causes phone display to remain on indefinitely

YouTube Music version 5.23.50 is the source of the bug

A new YouTube Music Android app bug is causing users’ phone displays to remain on, bypassing the screen timeout interval, as reported by 9to5Google.

The issue is present in YouTube Music version 5.23.50 and causes your phone’s display to stay on regardless of where in the app you are, even if you leave your device and don’t interact with it.

9to5Google says it checked the bug on Pixel phones running Android 13 and Samsung devices running 12L and it was prevalent on both. “In one test, the display remained active for around 15 minutes while music was playing,” wrote the publication.

The bug affects those with a YouTube Premium subscription, and a patch for the app should be in the works to fix the issue.

Via: 9to5Google