Fido removed $5/mo bill credit promo, then brought it back

The $5/mo bill credit for 12 months was available on select Fido plans since early August


Update 2022/09/14 at 8:55am ET: Fido has since re-added the $5/mo for 12 months bill credit. It’s not clear why it was temporarily removed.

Fido’s $5/mo credit is back, for now.

At the end of July, Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Plus rolled out $60/mo plans with 20GB of data. Shortly after, the three flanker brand providers added $5/mo bill credits for 12 months, effectively making the plan $55/mo for 20GB. However, Fido has removed the bill credit from its website and while you can still add the promo code, the site prevents you from checking out.

As of writing, Koodo and Virgin still list the bill credit, but it doesn’t show on Fido’s website. Moreover, you can still add the ‘PROMO5’ code, and while the website shows that you have the $5/mo credit for 12 months, when you try to check out, Fido says the promo code needs to be applied to an “eligible option” to continue.

Considering the $60/20GB plans and the $5/mo bill credit were both promotional offers available ahead of back to school, it’s no surprise to see them starting to go away. Unfortunately, the removal of the $5/mo bill credit from Fido may signal the end of these promotions elsewhere, since when one Canadian provider makes a change, the rest tend to follow.

If you want to claim the $5/mo bill credit before it’s gone for good, head to Koodo or Virgin Plus to sign up for a plan. Both providers offer it on the $55/10GB and the $60/20GB plans.