Google brings back its potato chips, but in Japan only

'Salty Lemon' flavour sounds pretty odd

Google is bringing back its flavoured potato chips to launch with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

Similar to last year, the chips are only available in Japan, but this time they weirdly come in boxes.  The packaging comes in the four colours of the Pixel 7 but with weird flavour names: ‘Snow Cheese,’ ‘Obsidian Pepper,’ ‘Salty Lemon,’ and ‘Hazel Onion.’ Additionally, the packaging sports the camera bar with a pill and circle. Last year’s Pixel 6 chips came in different colours, but only came in the ‘Googley Salty Flavor’ that was actually just original Lays chips.

Those in Japan can enter a lottery to win one of 2,000 boxes.

This comes at the end of a Google Store weekend sale in Japan and other Asia-Pacific countries that came with an exclusive phone case.

The actual Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 launch on October 6th.

Images credit: Google Store Japan

Source: Google Store Japan