Google Meet adds quality of life updates for hosts and co-hosts

Call artifacts will now automatically be shared with co-hosts, but there's one little checkbox that needs to be checked

Google Meet is making it easier for meeting co-hosts to automatically stay in the loop with post-call statistics and artifacts.

Artifacts include the recorded meeting and stats like meeting headcount, poll results and Q&As. Normally, the meeting host is tasked with sending such post-meet artifacts to the co-hosts, but now Google is automating the process.

The only pre-requisite to the automation is that the co-hosts need to be added when the Google Calendar event for the meeting is being created. Upon adding meeting co-hosts, hosts will now see a checkbox that reads, “Call artifacts are shared with the host and co-hosts you add here.” The checkbox must be checked.

It’s worth noting that if you promote a regular participant to a co-host during the meeting, they will not receive the post-meeting artifacts, and only those co-hosts who were added during the setting up of the event in Google Calendar would receive the artifacts.

Google also notes that if a co-host’s status is removed during the meeting, they will still receive the post-meeting artifacts, while co-hosts added to a series of ongoing meetings get Artifacts for future meetings that use the same code. Furthermore, Google Classroom automatically recognizes co-teachers as co-hosts, and their co-host status can not be removed from within Google Classroom.

The feature started rolling out yesterday, Tuesday, September 13th for both Rapid Release and Schedule Release users, and can potentially take over 15 days for the feature to be widely available. Also worth noting is that the new feature isn’t available to Google Workspace Business Starter, Frontline, and Nonprofits, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google