iOS 16 has a slightly higher adoption rate than iOS 15

iOS 14, however, had a higher adoption rate than both iOS 15 and iOS 16

It seems like iPhone users are excited about iOS 16.

Data compiled by Mixpanel indicates that iOS 16 has had a higher download rate than iOS 15 in its first three days of release.

Mixpanel’s data indicates that after 24 hours of availability, iOS 16 has been downloaded by 6.71 percent of users, compared to iOS 15, which saw only 6.48 percent of users. However, iOS 14, on the other hand, had a 9.22 percent download rate.

Further, in its initial three days release, iOS 16 saw a 10.45 percent adoption rate, iOS 15 had a 9.68 percent adoption rate, and lastly, iOS 14 had a 14.68 percent adoption rate.

With iOS 16’s revamped lock screen, un-sending iMessages and more, it makes sense that it’s seeing a pickup.

Source: 9to5Mac, Mixpanel