Xbox PC app’s September update adds improved performance, HowLongToBeat

HowLongToBeat is a handy community-driven site that helps you gauge game lengths

Xbox September update PC app

Microsoft has begun rolling out its September update for the Xbox app on PC.

While the list of changes is relatively smaller, it does add a few pretty neat things.

To start, the update allows the Xbox PC app to launch 15 percent faster, on top of other areas of improved performance. Xbox says this includes the rate of crash-free sessions reaching 99.9 percent and the reports of failed downloads or installs dropping by nearly half. Further, Xbox says its improved relevance for search results to bring them up 20 percent faster.

Additionally, Xbox has added HowLongToBeat (HLTB) integration into its PC app. For the uninitiated, HLTB is a community-driven website that provides estimates on how long it will take to complete a game. Users submit their completion times and HLTB will provide an average accordingly. HLTB has specific metrics for the main story, the main story with some side quests/collectibles, completionist (doing everything in the game) and combined (all playstyles considered).

Source: Xbox