Uber rolls out Comfort Electric in Vancouver

The electric ride sharing option was previously only available in the U.S.

Riders in Vancouver have a new option to pick from when the next time they use Uber.

Comfort Electric features premium electric vehicles, including Tesla and Polestar. But riders aren’t the only ones who can access something new.

Drivers under the new category also have the potential to earn more under Uber’s Zero Emissions incentive, including an extra dollar for every eligible trip. Uber says electric vehicle drivers on the platform have avoided using almost 6 million gallons of gas.

Uber says its partnership with Hertz has paved the way for the program. The partnership allows drivers to rent Teslas on a weekly basis to complete trips.

Vancouver is the only Canadian city where Comfort Electric is available. However, drivers in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal can rent a Tesla from Hertz to complete rides.

You can download Uber from the App Store and Google Play.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Uber