Chatr sale offers 2GB or 10GB of bonus data on select plans

The bonus data lasts for 12 months

Rogers’ flanker brand Chatr Mobile is back with another 2GB bonus data offer. Until September 19th, new activations can get 2GB of bonus data for 12 months on $35+ plans.

As with previous versions of this deal, the data bonus will expire if an account becomes inactive or if you change your plan, so make sure you lock in a plan you’ll want for at least one year.

Customers can also gain a bonus 500MB each month if they sign up for Chatr’s auto-pay system, for a total of 2.5GB of extra data.

The one exception to all this is Chatr’s $45/mo 5GB plan, which has a back-to-school deal with a bonus of 10GB of data per month for 12 months. The $45 plan isn’t eligible for the 2GB bonus, which honestly is fine since you’re getting 10GB instead.

It’s worth noting that the student deal was supposed to end on September 8th, but now Chatr lists the end date as September 20th. If you’re looking for a low-cost plan with tons of data, this may be the way to go.

You can check out all of Chatr’s plans here.