Nothing hints at a new product announcement ‘coming soon’

If Nothing follows a similar pattern to the Phone (1), it will likely be January before we get a look at the company's new product

Carl Pei’s Nothing is doing well in the countries it launched the Nothing Phone (1) in. The company revealed that it has sold over 100,000 phones in India in the first 20 days of sale, with over 10 million signing up for notifications about the phone’s launch at Indian e-commerce retailer Flipkart (owned by Walmart).

Part of the reason why the phone is doing well is the way Nothing promoted it prior to its launch. Behind-the-scene videos, teaser trailers and constant hints on its social media were a good way for the company to garner potential customer attention, and it seems like the company is doing it again.

Nothing had been holding off on such cryptic teasers since the release of the Nothing Phone 1. However, on Thursday, September 15th, it shared a photo of a butterfly on Twitter, with the caption, “Sublime. Coming soon.”

Parrots were an integral part of Nothing Phone (1)’s teasers, and it looks like, whatever this new device is, will have butterflies in its promotional material. The new device could very well be a second-gen version of Nothing’s Ear (1) or a new red colourway for the Nothing Phone (1), judging by the butterfly’s red and transparent body. On the other hand, it could be a new product all together, like a smartwatch.

The company first teased the Nothing Phone 1 in March, and it wasn’t until July that the device was fully revealed. If Nothing is on a similar roadmap, it wouldn’t be before January that we get a full look at what the company’s new product is.

Source: @nothing