British network Channel 5 airs The Emoji Movie over Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

Rather than broadcast one of the most viewed events ever, Channel 5 opted to air critically panned film The Emoji Movie 💩

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, a state funeral is being broadcast around the world. As many gather to pay respects to the longest-reigning monarch, broadcasters worldwide are airing coverage surroundingthe event. However, the British network Channel 5 has a different way of mourning.

Channel 5 is instead airing The Emoji Movie.

As September 19th is now a day for those in the United Kingdom to reflect and mourn the loss of Queen Elizabeth, broadcasters are not only airing the funeral receptions conducted by the Dean of Westminster. The venue of the funeral took place at Westminster Abbey hundreds of thousands gathered.

As this is one of the largest broadcasting events in recent history, several channels are exclusively covering the queen’s funeral. Channel 5, however, is instead focusing on providing viewable content for children. Included in the day’s roster of films is The Emoji Movie. The stars are the likes of T.J. Miller, James Corden, and Patrick Stewart, the latter plays Poop, the poop emoji.

Speaking of steaming piles, The Emoji Movie has been critically panned since its release in 2017. The film currently sits at six percent on Rotten Tomatoes. At the 2018 Razzie Awards, The Emoji Movie won ‘Worst Picture of the Year.’

Channel 5’s intentions were in the right place. Its child-friendly lineup of films includes Stuart Little, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and Sing. However, it doesn’t take away how funny it is to see The Emoji Movie being aired as an alternative to the queen’s funeral. Many British viewers joined in jest to share pictures of Channel 5’s broadcasting choices.

Coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral began at 6am ET/3am PT.

Image credit: Sony Pictures Animation

Source: The EW