Upcoming PS5 redesign could feature detachable disc drive

The new design will reportedly "completely replace" the current PS5


An upcoming PlayStation 5 revision could feature a removable disc drive that connects to the console through USB-C, according to a new report from Insider Gaming.

The report suggests that this refreshed version of the PS5 will launch in September 2024. Sony currently sells two versions of the PS5, including one that features a built-in disc drive ($649) and a cheaper Digital Edition ($519) that doesn’t offer a disc drive.

Though it’s still unclear, it seems like Sony aims to get rid of the disc/disc-less version of the PS5 and plans to sell one version of the console that you can upgrade with an external disc drive.

Given Sony recently increased the PS5’s price in Canada due to inflation in a move that SIE CEO Jim Ryan called a “necessity,” this could be new for Canadian gamers hoping to buy the console at a slightly cheaper cost.

Insider Gaming says that this new version of the PS5 will “completely replace” the current design of the console but that its internal hardware will remain the same. It’s unclear how much Sony intends to charge for this new version of the PS5 or its disc drive accessory.

Though it doesn’t feature the same underlying technology powering it, this rumour reminds me a lot of the ill-fated Xbox 360 HD DVD player that Microsoft released in 2006 and then abruptly cancelled in 2008 when Blu-Ray won the physical format war. While physical discs are still crucial in the gaming space, I’ve shifted nearly all of my gaming to digital. For example, I don’t own a single physical title for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series x and don’t plan to change that soon.

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Source: Insider Gaming Via: The Verge