Apple’s iPhone 14 did get a redesign, you just can’t see it

This design change to the smartphones' glass is only in the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus and not the Pro

As tough as Apple’s Ceramic Sheild glass technology is, it still breaks from intense impacts, but luckily, the tech giant has made it easier to replace the back and front of its new iPhone 14.

While the iPhone 14’s exterior design looks identical to last year’s iPhone 13, an iFixit teardown found that inside the smartphone, there are several repair-minded improvements.

Most notably, repair experts can now remove the back and front glass from the iPhone 14. The back glass on the iPhone 13 need to be honed down with a laser and then chipped away, which was incredibly difficult.

This has gone largely unnoticed since people are more likely to fix their easily repairable screens compared to the back glass, which can be covered with a case and forgotten about. However, anyone that’s broken their iPhone’s rear glass knows that the repair costs are astronomical.

Seriously, I recently crashed my bike and shattered my iPhone 13 Pro (pictured above, RIP). At first, I thought it might be a fun video idea to try and fix it myself, but after watching online how it’s done, I’d rather slap a case on it and call it a day.

It’s surprising Apple didn’t mention this design change during its September event, but this minor feature might make the iPhone 14 worth purchasing over the iPhone 13 for some people. It’s a shame Apple didn’t add it to the higher-end iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Without Apple Care+, back glass repairs from Apple for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus cost $249. By comparison, the iPhone 13 costs $599 to get the back glass fixed.

Since the Pro models still use the older internal design, they cost $649 and up to fix the back glass. This begs the question if the older design is sturdier, but only time will tell.

Source: iFixit