Opensignal’s 5G mobile experience awards names Canada’s big three as high performers

The report examines telecom companies offering 5G access across the globe

A new global ranking showing users’ 5G experience provides another example of the limited telecom services in Canada.

Opensignal’s 5G Global Mobile Network Experience Awards for 2022 examined the 5G experience between the first half of 2021 and 2022. It places the big three (Rogers, Bell, and Telus) in a small handful of categories.

Global Impact

The ‘Global Impact’ section examined user experience with 5G compared to 4G.

Bell, Rogers, and Telus appear under the ‘5G Reach’ category. It measures how often networks connected users to a 5G network from all the places they visited. On a score of 0-10, Rogers comes first out of the big three with a score of 5.3, while Bell and Telus both have scores of 4.8. Rogers placed 14 out of a list of 34; Bell placed 21, and Telus came in 22nd.

Rogers is the only Canadian brand to appear in the gaming experience category under the Global Impact section. The class examined the gaming experience between 4G and 5G, and Opensignal’s users found the experience increased by 13.7 percent with Rogers 5G.

Rising Stars

Bell, Telus, and Rogers appear under the company’s ‘Rising Star’ category, measuring the 20 most improved companies for 5G experience year-over-year.

Bell and Telus appear in the top 20 for 5G reach. “Bell and Telus have made the grade with increases of 72.5 percent and 71.2 percent, respectively.”

Rogers appears in the top 20 for upload speed and is the only North American company to appear on the list.

Report only covers 5G

An Opensignal spokesperson told MobileSyrup that the report only analyzed and compared services for companies that launched 5G services.

“We have not included regional operators, MVNOs or wholesale networks, to ensure the report is focused on the operators that most consumers would consider when choosing a mobile service,” the spokesperson said.

The statement reveals the limited options Canadians have when it comes to choosing a telecom provider offering 5G services in Canada.

Source: Opensignal