Samsung trademarks slidable Flex Solo and Duet in South Korea

It's unclear when Samsung will launch these devices

Samsung has applied for several trademarks related to flexible displays, according to SamMobile.

Samsung Display, in particular, applied for these trademarks with the KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) under the names ‘Slidable Flex Solo’ and ‘Slidable Flex Duet.’

The South Korean company has shown off slidable concepts in the past, so this isn’t entirely surprising. The prototype showed off earlier this year was called ‘Slidable Wide.’ SamMobile indicates that these patent applications might have something in relation to the Slidable Flex Duet. The Slidable Wide featured a flexible display inside the device that could extend out from its sides to create a larger display area.

The trademarks don’t include images, so it’s difficult to know for sure if the filing is related.

Back in January, Samsung also showed off its Flex G and Flex S prototypes. However, these devices were foldables and not slidable devices.

If Samsung does plan to release a slidable device, it likely won’t appear until late next year in the same timeframe as the Fold 5’s release, or possibly even later. That said, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see a slidable smartphone from Samsung in 2023.

Several years ago, LG teased a slidable phone that was poised to launch in 2021, but the company has since exited the smartphone industry.

Source: SamMobile