Fanatical offering 14 Star Wars PC games for under $25

Gems like the two Knights of the Old Republic titles and Battlefront II (Classic) are included

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Online games retailer Fanatical has a big Star Wars bundle for quite a low price.

The ‘Star Wars Collection’ includes 14 games set in the galaxy far, far away for $24.19 CAD, down from the regular $109.99.

Here are the bundled games:

  • Star Wars: Battlefront II (Classic)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Republic Heroes
  • Star Wars: Dark Forces
  • Star Wars Empire at War: Gold Pack
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II — The Sith Lords
  • Star Wars: Republic Commando
  • Star Wars: Starfighter

All told, there are quite a few gems in there. BioWare Edmonton’s Knights of the Old Republic is widely considered to be one of the greatest games ever made, and its sequel, as well as the likes of Battlefront IIJedi Outcast and Republic Commando, are also especially well-regarded.

The sale runs until September 28th and will give you a code for Steam or Windows PC. It’s worth noting that the Star Wars Collection also includes a five percent off coupon towards your next Fanatical purchase.

Source: Fanatical Via: Lbabinz